PolyHacks - Hackatown is back in 2022 for its sixth edition. If you like to code, work as a team, network and turn your ideas into reality, come join us online from February 11th to 13th to participate!


- Greatest Social Impact

- Best AI/ML Project

- Best Design (UI/UX)

- Best Financial Project

- Best Beginner Hack

- Best Pitch

- Judges’ Favorite

Sponsors’ Challenges
- OVHcloud
- Druide
- AssemblyAI

If you have any questions, head over to our website at https://hackatown.io and consult our FAQ section. If your questions still need an answer, feel free to contact us via Facebook or send us an email at info@polyhx.io .



- Plus grand impact social

- Meilleur projet AI/ML

- Meilleur Design (UI/UX)

- Meilleur projet finacier

- Meilleur hack débutant

- Meilleur Pitch

- Coup de coeur

Défis des sponsors
- OVHcloud
- Druide
- AssemblyAI

**Official time zone of the event "Montreal, QC" (UTC-5)


You must have completed your project before Sunday, February 13, 2022, at 11:00 am.

You must have linked your Repository Git to your Devpost submission.

Your code must be available in some sort of public repository. 



Hackathon Sponsors


$32,400 in prizes

Participation prizes

Giveaways and raffles during the hackathon. Some examples: ubereats gift card, tech items, cracking the coding interview book, etc.

1st place overall of the competition

Project that has the highest score evaluated by judges card

2nd place overall of the competition

Project that has the second highest score evaluated by judges card

3nd place overall of the competition

Project that has the third highest score evaluated by judges card

Best Social Impact

Best AI/ML Project

Best Design (UI/UX)

Best Financial Project

Best self-care hack

Best pitch

Judges’ Favorite

Best Beginner Hack

OVHclound Challenge

Create a dynamic OVHcloud Infrastructure that allows for efficiency

In addition to your core project the OVHcloud challenge is to create your project with infrastructure resource efficiency in mind. Using OVHcloud infrastructure (OVhcloud has given vouchers to each hacker for 100$ of public cloud infrastructure) ensure that your project starts with minimal infra usage an ensure it has the ability to scale up with rising demand and down when the demand declines. Accomplishing this allows for better efficiency in terms of cost and resource usage making our IT a little bit greener!

Criteria for evaluating:
- Initial deployment on minimal resources
- Application's infrastructure scales UP with demand
- Application's infrastructure scales DOWN when less demand

PRIZE : 10 000$ of OVHcloud credits and access to our OVHcloud Startup Program

Antidote Challenge / Défi Antidote (2)

Prix remis aux équipes s’étant démarquées par la qualité de la langue (français ou anglais) du texte de présentation du projet développé lors de la compétition.

Awarded to teams that have distinguished themselves by the quality of the language (French or English) of the project presentation text developed during the competition.

AssemblyAi challenge

The challenge is to build the best project using the AssemblyAI API. Each person on the winning team will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

MLH- Best Blockchain Project Using Hedera

Hedera is a next generation blockchain technology that's accessible from familiar programming languages like Java and JavaScript. Their goal? To make Web3 development even more accessible to hackers like you! Build a project on Hedera's test network for a chance to win amazing Glorious Modular Compact Keyboards for you and your team!

Glorious Modular Compact Mechanical Keyboard

MLH- Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with embedded Arduino Uno compatible board. Each winning team member will receive a prize!

Grove Beginner Kit

MLH- Best Use of Google Cloud

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: g.co/cloud. Each winning team member located in the US will receive a Google Cloud Swag Bag complete with a beanie, pillow, journal, socks and lanyards. International winners will receive a Google branded backpack.

Google Cloud Swag Bag or Backpack

MLH- Most Creative Use of Twilio

Twilio allows you to incorporate mobile messaging, phone calls and a ton of other awesome communication features right into your hackathon project using web service APIs. Are you building an e-commerce website and want to send text notifications or email confirmations once an order is completed? Or maybe your application needs to verify users based on their mobile numbers? Twilio makes all this possible and more. Build a hack that simplifies your life using any one of Twilio’s APIs for a chance to win a Twilio Swag Box and GameGo Console for you and each of your teammates!

Twilio Swag Box
GameGo Console

MLH- Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Register a .tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi wireless phone charger.

PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Esteemed PolyHx Judges

Esteemed PolyHx Judges

Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • Prototype / Working Demo (30%)
    (FR) - Le prototype est-il fonctionnel?-Les fonctionnalités importantes sont-elles mises de l’avant?-Le prototype résout-il la problématique? (EN)-Is the prototype functional?-Are the important features put forward?-Is the prototype solving the problem?
  • Technologie / Technology (30%)
    (FR) - Les technologies utilisées sont-elles propices à la résolution de la problématique?-La réalisation comporte-t-elle un défi technique? (EN)- Are the technologies used conducive to solving the problem? -Does the project present a technical challenge?
  • Respect de la catégorie/ Respect of the category (20%)
    (FR) - La problématique résolue est-elle en lien avec la catégorie choisie? (EN)- Is the problem solved related to the chosen category?
  • Presentation & Design (20%)
    (FR) - La présentation est-elle fluide ? L'expérience utilisateur (UX) est-elle optimale? (EN) - Is the demo fluid ? - Is the User Experience (UX) optimal?

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